Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

Revisiting 2014 Series: What is the Revisiting Series?

bern6pdatedPhoto Credit: Random Stranger who took this

Bern sadly was a layover city for me. We stopped on our way back from Zermatt and as our group walked around this beautiful town I couldn’t help but wish I could stay a little longer. Not to mention any city that is so focused on Grizzly Bears is a place I want to hang out in.

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Belgium (1/3)

Original Post: 12/1/2014belgium1
For anyone that took a class with me my sophomore year you know that I have a strange obsession with Belgium. In the Summer of 2013 I studied abroad in Lublin, Poland, where I met Edward Vande Maele [pictured above]  or as I like to call, the Prince of Belgium. For a quick introduction here’s a video to describe the rather peculiar government in which Belgium exists under:

[Did you know Belgium existed without a government for 535 days from 2010 to 2012?  Did you know that Belgium has three governments each with their own official language?]

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Moscow, Russia (3/3)

Original Post: 12/1/2014

One of the most interesting things I found about Russian culture is the sheer number of times I was told to wish.


Above depicts of Russia’s many “wishing locations.” Outside the Kremlin in Moscow one is told to stand in the middle of the seal, throw a coin over your shoulder and make a wish. Simple enough, but it wasn’t until mid-way through my day in Moscow did I realize I was not only running low on Kopecks but also wishes.

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Moscow, Russia (2/3)

Original Post: 10/26/2014

moscow8Peter the Great Statue (1997)
This 98 Meter tall statue is probably one of the most out of place statues I have ever seen. Consistently nominated for being one of the world’s ugliest statues, this Peter the Great Statue was also originally designed to be Christopher Columbus. Yes, Christopher Columbus in order to celebrate 500th anniversary of his first voyage.  When the designer could not find an American buyer it was then given a Russian twist. Although the designer denies this story, he also sold an equally colossal statue of Christopher Columbus to a buyer in Puetro Rico although it is currently disassembled. Something else that makes this story is interest in that Peter the Great, hated Moscow. Ah, Russia.
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