Moscow, Russia (1/3)

Original Post: 8/10/2014


Visiting Moscow, one of the most well known capitals in the world, was truly an unforgettable experience.

After a six hour bus ride from Nerekhta, Russia to Moscow I finally felt like a tourist. The city center is gorgeous and surrounded by amazing statues, buildings, and art work. Although I was unable to experience it all in the short weekend, it truly was was enough to keep me coming back for more.

The first night we explored the city on our own. It was amazing to see the images of our history books come alive.  We explored the Kremlin and it’s surrounding area while also experiencing a bit of Moscow’s nightlife. But like any traveler you find yourself wishing to ask questions so the next morning I embarked on free walking tour with two of my friends. Now, I know, there are many travelers who see ‘being a tourist’ as a lame way of seeing a city but I’m a strong believer that one needs a basic common knowledge of a city’s history before becoming truly lost in it. After the walking tour I explored the city with my good friend Anna.  Here’s some of the sights

Cryil and Methodius
These Greek Brothers are the founders of the contemporary Russian alphabet. The base of the monument reads: “To the saint equal to the apostles first Slavonic teachers Methodius and Cyril. Grateful Russia” The pedestal depicts the two brothers holding a Bible and cross between them  At the foot of the statue is also an icon-lamp.

moscow4Церковь Всех Святых
All Saint’s Cathedral
This is one of the oldest churches in Moscow, and like many churches was shut down during the years of Communism. Instead it was used a KGB location and used a place for mass executions. This is located directly across from the statue above.

moscow5The Palace of the Romanov Royals
The palace was built by Nikita Zakharin, whose children adopted the name Romanov, in order to mark the family’s status in the reign of Ivan the Terrible. If you look closely at the third picture you can even see the family’s crest, a griffon, on the household’s roof.

Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed/ Saint Basil’s Cathedral
Собор Василия Блаженного

One of the most iconic images of Russia is Saint Basil’s Cathedral. There are about 101 stories I could write about this particular Cathedral but I’m going to tell you my favorite. Legend has it, that when Ivan the Terrible had this cathedral built he asked the architects upon completion if they could make other Churches like this one. The architects of course, said yes they could in hopes of impressing Ivan but instead Ivan lived up to his title and had the architect’s eyes pulled out. This was done so that the architects could not build an equally beautiful structure anywhere else.


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