Venice, Italy

Original Post: 09/29/2014

Venice, Italy, is one of the few cities outside of Eastern Europe I have instantly fallen in love with. This gorgeous city is internationally known for it’s romantic  canals, talented gondoliers, and rich history in the arts.

After spending the past weekends in Berlin and Switzerland (which I will post soon) I did take Venice, Italy a little slower. Therefore I did not see the same number of museums of historical sites but I hope you all will still enjoy this.

Venice is located in the Northern Italy. Thanks to it’s ingenious design one could easily get lost in the twists and turns of the cities gorgeous canal separated streets. Like the  other world heritage site’s much of the city is preserved in it’s classic style.  Because of the location the only way to travel is on boat and thus even a basic “taxi” ride into the city’s center is a breath taking adventure. Littered with gorgeous plazas one could spend an entire day exploring the variety of communities.

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Teatro La Fenice
One of favorite parts of the city was “The Phoenix” Opera House. The theater has hosted, and continues to host a variety of Operas Premiers. Some of the most famous premieres include works by Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, and Verdi.

The name reflects the interesting history of the theater as well. The Phoenix refers to a mythological bird that ‘rises from the ashes’ and just like this legend this stunning theater has endured and been rebuilt from the flames of three fires. Many of the issues steamed from the theater’s importance and thus it’s high demand many times lead to the construction being rushed. In fact the third fire was the result of arson by the builders under heavy time constraints and a desire to collect the insurance. 

Another astonishing part of the city was the view from the top of Clock tower showcased in the picture’s below.


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