Zermatt, Switzerland

Original Post: 10/27/2014

Zermatt, in all it’s beauty is the definition of a tourist destination. Located the German-speaking section of the canton of Valais in Switzerland, this city only 5,800 inhabitants.  Each street is covered with Hotels and ski shops but somehow this area still holds onto the perfect warm and cozy persona one comes to expect when traveling throughout


Before I get to Zermatt’s Main attraction I wanna talk about the city itself. The only cars one sees while walking through these gorgeous streets, are electric, thus perfectly adding to the environmental persona of the area. Instantly one questions if anyone actually lives in this city due to how perfectly pristine it is. Upon further investigation I found out about half of the apartments are for vacation and only 1/3 of the permanent population were  born in the area.  To put this town’s atmosphere into perspective each building pretty much looks like the one below.

But of course the main attraction of Zermatt is the The Matterhorn (German), Monte Cervino (Italian) or Mont Cervin (French). Famous due it’s peculiar shape the Matterhorn stands as a breath taking symbol of Switzerland’s natural beauty. The mountain derives its name from the German words Matte, meaning “meadow”, and Horn, which means “peak”.  Although I did not get the chance to climb the actual peak (but hopefully one day when I’ve had more training) it has been conquered.  The first climb to reach the peak was lead in 1865 by a party led by Edward Whymper. Although this climb ended disastrously when four of its members fell to their deaths on the descent, one can’t help but dream of over looking the Pennine Alps from it’s peak.


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