“Why do Americans put their feet on their desks?” and other questions Ukrainian students have about America

breakJohn Bender from the Breakfast Club (1985)

I’ve been an English teacher for less than two weeks now. In that time I was also able to meet a wide variety of students and other English teachers, all with different approaches to language learning. I’ve also officially started being tutored in Russian and am enrolled in a German class. And although, my daily life in Ukraine is a bit of “I don’t understand why this is happening but am excited,” alongside some “I’m really unprepared for this situation,” I at least now have an answer to the eight cats that guard my apartment door when they ask “Where are you going?”

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Why are there so many Chihuahuas in Ukraine?

When the average American thinks of Ukraine they tend to think of an extremely cold and grey country and when that same American is asked to think of a Chihuahua they tend to think of a yappy dog that thrives in the warmth and sun of Mexico. This contradiction has lead me to my first big question for the people of Ukraine; why are there so many Chihuahuas in Ukraine?

Photo Description: View from my apartment in Dnipro accompanied by a pen drawing
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