I’ve been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to study and work abroad during my college experience. Many of these experiences have been completely financed either through scholarships, grants, and the chance to be directly hired by the organization. Because of this I was also able to travel a bit on my own through either the company’s I worked for or through my own planning. I’ve split up my past travels into three different categories so that they would be easier to navigate. If you are also interested in one of these opportunities feel free to click on them and to message me for advice or more information on the experience and organization. You can find the blog posts about these locations by typing the country or city into the search bar or by clicking on the list below. There are some blog posts that are about cultural aspects of the nation and those are found under the country tag instead of under a specific city.

Extended Stay:

Short Work/Study Related:



Ukraine (2016-2017)

  1. Why are there so many Chihuahuas in Ukraine?
  2. “Why do Americans put their feet on their desks?” and other questions Ukrainians have about Americans
  3. “Won’t you be cold?”
  4. “Trial and error and error”
  5. “Ukraine’s First Museum to the Donbass War”

Personal Travel: [Blogged]

If one of these is something you really want to hear about let me know and hopefully that will get me writing on it. I have a few blogs planned about the UK, the USA, Poland, Russia, Germany, China, Australia, and Switzerland.