Revisting 2014 Series

What is the Revisiting Series?

This is a series of blog posts I am writing now in 2016 about my travels in 2014.

My goal in restarting this blog is to get into the habit of writing. Whether it be explaining in my own words the historical significance of a city or retelling my own experiences I think writing is an essential component of understanding ones’ own life. It’ difficult to revisit some of these locations. Many I haven’t seen in over a year and some date back to my first travels but I welcome the challenge. To revisit these places is to re-experience them with a slightly more detailed perspective. I also believe that writing these blogs about past travels will help me to gain a habit as I get ready to embark on my next year aboard. Finally I hope that anyone who reads this will not only develop a love for the cities and locations I write about, but will one day be inspired to visit them as well. Any work opportunities or study abroad programs I have participated in are listed under the “Travel Tag.” I am going to place this opening at the start of all the blog posts that are being written over a year after I visited them to help anyone reading to understand the perspective. Thank you.